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adidas Pharrell Human Race BYW

(1 of 200, exclusively released at 747 Warehouse St.)

adidas 747 Warehouse St. Brooklyn Creator Farm

You know about Kanye, Cudi, Gambino, N*E*R*D, Dame, Harden, and the likes but 747 Warehouse St. was also dope because of the various inside looks at the tech and creation of the shoes themselves.

This was seen in the Warehouse Tour, the Parley exhibit, and the Brooklyn Creator Farm. Lucky raffle winners got to work with adidas designers and engineers from New York and Germany to customize their own shoe. Samples are being uploaded and a winner will eventually be chosen for an official, limited drop! Kanye and Pusha even came through to design themselves. We happened to see Fat Joe and Joe La Puma when we got lucky to tour the space.

Here’s our photos below + be sure to watch the video I got on our Twitter @gowhereyoulove.

Tinashe’s back with a new video for my favorite of 2 new recently released singles. The siren singer is as seductive as ever as she moves through some pretty smooth choreographed dance moves. The hook and the beat will remain in your head too…

Stan Sono “Change My Mind”

Young Sono smartly follows up the tease of this new single at the end of his Valentine’s Day visuals for “Impress Me” with the full release today. The hook and production are stellar, per usual, so bump this (prod. Benjamin) throughout the weekend.

*Tibs Fav.

Drake - Gods Plan

God's Plan takes on a whole new meaning now. Drake giving away nearly $1 mill — the video's budget.

Showcasing good charity can come off disingenuous but I think the way it was shot… kinda hidden… showed that it was authentic. It’s all love here! 🙏

Krewella - Alibi (Official Music Video)

The latest from the Krew is for your day 1s — and that alone is super relatable. This hook > and the visuals document the Krew with their day 1 fans around the globe. (Those city shots are breathtaking too.)

i have so many thoughts behind the creation of this song but I'll just say this...life has constantly tried to make me believe that everything ends, that loyalty and trust are temporary. alibi is about those people that remind u --real love is forever. as always thank u soooo much for supporting YALL R THE BEST✨🔒👳🏽

*Tibs Fav.

ASIA House

Architects: Jorge Marsino Prado | 📍 Asia, Peru

"Impress Me" has accumulated over 500K plays on SoundCloud alone since its recent release so it’s only right that Stan Sono provides the crisp new visuals for Valentine’s Day.

Shot in Congruent Space in Chicago, Sono brings to life the theme of only being impressed by his #1. Fitting, right?

The surprise is the latter third of the video where Sono debuts a new song — “Change My Mind” — which has a poppin’ production and features more of his squad under the minimalist, neon-lit (Congruent) Space. The full song drops Friday… 👀

Naagy put us on to Tone Stith on a recent Gowhere You Love Podcast and his latest video is an easy, heartwarming watch on this Valentine’s Day. I’m digging the classic dancing choreography as the ladies walk down the street too. Even the other fellas get to mingle with the leading lady’s friends. Love is everywhere!

Eminem - River ft. Ed Sheeran

Eminem takes Valentine's Day to offer a bleaker, more real look at a relationship situation. Even if you can't relate, the gravity of Em's story coming to life with the acting in between verses is powerful. Ed Sheeran's hook is great too, btw. One of the stronger cuts from Em's new album.

Stephen “Play Me Like a Violin” x “Stay”

Stephen is back with not one, but two new singles and simply put, both are must-adds.

“Play Me Like a Violin” will especially jump on a live stage as, naturally, the violin kicking in takes the song to another level. Throughout both new ones, Stephen takes us on a relatable journey that you can really feel authentically through his vocals and delivery too. Lindsey Cook adding her touch on “Stay” makes for a nice combo that I’d hear more of as well.

Preview both on Stephen’s IG with some creative visuals from close artist collaborator preme__xy.

I Want My Life To Be Easy — Kenrick McFarlane x Indigo Minute

There is an infinite number of ways you can look at this moment. The perspective you look at it from is going to be the experience you get. Once you embody this simple idea it will change your life forever.

Life is hard work, life is a struggle, life is a painful experience.. are simply perspectives. They are not fundamental law. You can choose to see life that way, until you realize you don’t have to choose to see it that way anymore. Life can be an effortless, easy, and expansive flow of enjoyment if you decide to see it that way. Remember what you decide to see in life is what life will reflect back to you.