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Rihanna for Vogue Paris
Dec. 2017 Guest Editor

Indigo Minute “How Do I Express Myself?”

You have the keys. Open the doors. Unify.

Koda’s haunting (and terrific) new single gets the visual treatment and features a wide cast and a wide set of situations to interpret with the music. The emotions are there as much as they are in the song.

Still got “Curse” in heavy rotation just a few weeks after its single release. The debut album, i hope this makes us better, is out soon…

*Tibs Fav.

Rock on 🎸

New @hardrockhotels being designed in Florida

Stan Sono “Impress Me”

Stan Sono, still riding the wave of his recent hit single “Damelo”, returns with another catchy record you won’t get out of your head. It’s safe to say Sono’s got it with the hooks — both with replayability and his vocal range. That’s the most impressive thing to me about “Impress Me”.

Some Trey Songz x Dream vibes with the delivery and sound too, produced by Benjamin & Keyz. Play this, this weekend.

*Tibs Fav.

The new Showtime Trailer for 'The CHI'

from Lena Waithe & Common


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Empathy Test ‘Safe From Harm’ (Album Stream)

It’s a busy #NewMusicFriday per usual, and while everything we got posted below is on deck for me, it’s Empathy Test that I’m streaming first.

You’ve hopefully seen this U.K. synth-pop duo on our pages for a few years now. Today’s their first official debut album release, Safe From Harm. The previews have been poppin’ and their fresh sound and storytelling is still top-notch.

More *Tibs Favs. come with the bonus surprise of a remastered drop of Losing Touch — the EP, now turned second album, that got me hooked to Empathy Test in the first place. I’ve listened to these tracks a ton and now the cleaner, next-level remaster makes for a fresh inspiration. Two more new tracks on here are both real good too.

It all makes for one wave you should definitely hop on and ride to. Just press play. 👉

Indigo Minute “What Does it Feel Like to Wake Up in a Dream?”

Everything is me, and I Am not who I thought I was.

Jaden Smith ‘SYRE: A Beautiful Confusion’ (Album Stream)

It’s young Jaden’s major label debut, and I’m definitely gonna have to hone in and truly listen for the depth in both lyrics and sound based on the preview with Raury alone. A$AP Rocky also appears… and that’s it. #SYRE