Pitchfork: Day 1 (GWYL Recap)

The tents are up, the beers are pouring, and the arrangement of floral skirts and fishnets have hit the first day of Pitchfork. With a breezy day like today, the crowds hover around the Goose Island beer tents and the interactive chicken coup by John Dewar & Sons. Strange? Not really. Known for their easy going attitude and quirky demeanor, Pitchfork continues to trademark themselves as the chilliest festival in the Midwest. With this said, I'm hyped for the next two days of chill weather and grub.

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Kicking off the first day, I head to the Green Stage where Long Beach rapper, Vince Staples opens up the hip hop act for Pitchfork. Starting his tunes under a tangerine backdrop, the artist was minimum throughout his entire set. Opting to be front and center, Staples pauses between rhyme and flow, lingering his glare at his fans. Fans not phased by the silences, jump along with the artist as he goes through songs like “Ascension” amongst others new and old.

Finishing the set, fans barely move an inch as they await Danny Brown.

Continuing in the Green Stage, Danny Brown plays some hits off his album, Atrocity Exhibition, the crowd was excited to see this Detroit rapper back to his usual antics on the stage. Energetic and clean with his set, many were surprised with his new look. Shorter hair, pink shirt, and tight jeans, Danny Brown looks like our reformed party boy uncle than well, Danny Brown. His DJ also sported a tamer look with a simple black tee and some grills. I guess the theme for this year is minimal?

Stay tuned for day two as I venture around the rap scene once again and join the crowd for noon blanket napping. Peep our Instagram and Twitter for live updates!