preme__xy “Be Here Now” (prod. Stan Sono)

A new year brings new changes for everyone. In the music world, I’m most excited for the change for one of my favorite artists out: and he’s now known as preme__xy.

You already know his work as Goodbye Tomorrow and today he emerges with his first drop as preme__xy. The difference, as stated by new label home, Halfway House Records:

preme__xy is part of a movement called Goodbye Tomorrow, a collective that aims to uplift the collective consciousness in a way that can be understood by today’s youth, who are disillusioned by the values of an older generation. His first release reflects the stresses of every day life and ultimately culminates to advice with a singular message.

*TIBS FAV. —— More commentary 👉

I can’t sum it up better than that. However, I can add, coming from someone accustomed to hear preme's ability to deliver a message for the greater good in the form of raw realness — both lyrically and musically — that “Be Here Now” may be his most direct example of hitting that balance to date.

And oh yeah, that’s preme__xy hitting the “Pressure on me pressure on me” hook that’s one of the tightest vocals I’ve heard so far this year. It’s him singing, it’s him rapping, it’s him designing, and it’s even him creating at Congruent Space in Chicago. He might not say it, but it’s exciting with the preme__xy reveal to more clearly see that his creativity is boundless.

For the production on this one, it’s longtime collaborator Stan Sono who provides the gritty backdrop that especially thumps with the volume up. It’s only right these two continue cooking up some heat; after all, it was Sono who produced much of Goodbye Tomorrow’s critically acclaimed debut album in 2015.

And if you don’t know by now, it’s a Chicago thang — preme__xy x Stan Sono x Halfway House. Proud to be so closely connected to these individuals who will uplift the collective consciousness and help spark positive change. We’ll do our part too. #GowhereYouLove