Stan Sono “Emergency”

Stan Sono slows it down for his 3rd single off his upcoming debut album, ‘Infatuated’, out this time next week — 03.24. It’s Sono’s favorite track off the album too and best believe a *Tibs Fav. too.

More commentary + some incredible photos from the upcoming video… 👉

Produced by Sono himself, E. Dan, Ugly Eddie, Spanish Diego, and Fleaux, “Emergency” has a way of transforming your mood to the slow down pace of the sound. To go along with some captivating lyricism, the most impressive part about this single is Sono flexing his delivery on the hook to casually mimic emergency sirens. Close your eyes and you’ll hear these too. 🚨🚨

The upcoming video was shot out here in Cali last week, and from the visuals, this desert vibe seems like the perfect backdrop for the audio above. Stan tells us it’s one of many vibes for the visuals, as directed by his go-to director, Rick Wayne (see also: “Rewind”.)

Needless to say, lookin’ forward to the video and the full album — hit the link for the new cover.