50 Cent, Eminem, & Kat Dahlia “Gangsta (Mash-Up)”

Sometimes the Instagram Story feature can yield some good. Lol!

Discovered this mash-up by zooming through professional dunker Michael Purdie’s story, who linked to fellow dunker Jared Roth's page, who posted a series of dunks at Venice Beach set to this song (watch after the jump.)

With a comp nearby, I downloaded this pretty motivating mash-up of Kat Dahlia’s hit single (remember this one?) “Gangsta” to 50 & Em’s verses on Lloyd Banks’ “Warrior Pt. 2”. That whole mid 2000s era takes me back to peak Em & 50. This one has a modern edge to it and is instantly in the workout roto.

*Tibs Fav.